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Scaling World-Class Operators and Founders

We are building the world first dedicated Web 3 Hub to empower the next generation of talent through education, acceleration, and resourcing.
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Scalene HQ

Scalene is built on virtual and physical platforms to empower world-class founders and operators to build together. 

Scalene HQ is the first of a series of physical realms that house the Scalene Ecosystem for the next-generation of the Web 3.0 talent force to grow. 

We're currently building our first flag-ship HQ in Sydney, Australia.
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Scalene Academy
Scalene Academy provides a springboard for a new talent force in Web 3 through a three-month immersive program that has no tuition or course fees. Over the course of the program, cohorts receive dedicated mentorship and work alongside industry-leaders in our Placement Programs.
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Scalene Labs
Scalene Labs empower new Founders with pre-seed capital and a three-month program to transform their start-ups to scale-ups. We provide up to three dedicated guest mentors and work extensively with teams towards a working product and crystallised pitch to present on Showcase Day to an invite-only audience of investors.
Scalene VC
Scalene VC is a venture arm designed to support the best teams that come out of Showcase Day and those beyond the Scalene Ecosystem. Working closely with Scalene Academy, we use our competitive advantage to provide both non-monetary and monetary capital to the best teams.

What People Have Said

From the Scalene Ecosystem
Web 3 gaming is continuously disrupting a multi-hundred billion dollar industry. Illuvium is positioned as the leader in this space to create the first-ever triple A blockchain-based game - to achieve this, Illuvium requires the most knowledgeable and well-rounded talent which Scalene has been able to fulfil consistently as a partner.
Kieran Warwick
Scalene has a compelling vision to being the solution to the supply/demand problem of Web3. Their high-touch pipeline to empower the next generation of Web 3 operators and founders will create the new internet of value.
Carlos Gomes
Coming through Scalene Academy, I had the opportunity to participate in a world-class program that has been pivotal in refining my native Web 3 skills, establish a network with the best names in the industry and most importantly, provide me the real-world experience necessary to take a leadership role in the space.
Kevin Mao

Founding Members

Andy Chen Fang
Founding Partner
Kevin Lu
Founding Partner
Kevin Zheng
Operations Partner
Daniel Tai


Scalene Fund I

Our fund gives investors exposure to the highly vetted pipeline of the entire Scalene ecosystem. Fund I aims to invest in 30 different early-stage startups leveraging the due diligence and information flow generated through Scalene Academy and Labs.
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min. investment
$20M USD
Fund size
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Our Core Values

Solve Simple

We challenge assumptions and go back to first principles.

Positive Sum Games

We thrive on team collaboration and compound opportunities.


We value actions over intentions, accountability is our power.
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